Columbia Heights: A Dog’s View

A Columbia Heights canine waits patiently for his owner to get coffee.

So I’ve raved about how much I love my neighborhood for nearly twelve weeks now. Of course Columbia Heights is a great place – I fit the 20-something demographic, there are lots of bars & restaurants, and not having a car is convenient there thanks to the nearby grocery store and Target. But what if I had a dog? What would the neighborhood be like then?

Well thankfully one of my classmates who blogs over at DC Doggie has some perspective to offer on a dog’s life. First she recommends dog parks as a great place for your pooch to explore. Columbia Heights has an “unofficial” dog park at the corner of 11th and Park Road. It’s a bit bare bones-ish but the dogs I see there seem happy to run around and wrestle in the dirt. DC Doggie has some great tips on preparing to go to a dog park here.

Then in a brilliant move, Larry’s Pet Supply Store opened up between Lamont and Park Road on 11th Street, across from the dog park, this past summer. Even though I don’t have a dog, I stop by every so often to get treats for the favorite canines in my life. Larry’s is a small business and the guys who run it are really nice.

One of the perks of Larry’s I would definitely take advantage of if I had a dog is their free dog food delivery. I’ll do lots to save myself a trip from walking home from the grocery store with something heavy, so that is a great deal. Another perk is their grooming services which are conveniently scheduled on the weekends and weeknights. Then of course there are treats and presents galore for doggies, like some of the holiday gift ideas DC Doggie shares. I plan to pick up a few chew toys there for my favorite pups before I head home for the holidays.

In short, I think Columbia Heights would still be convenient if you had a dog. There’s the nearby dog park, plus Meridian Hill Park and a great trail in Rock Creek Park where I’ve seen many canines congregate. Then Larry’s Pet Supply Store makes getting dog food, treats, and grooming really convenient. Last of all an abundance of bike racks make for good places to tie your dog up for a quick minute while you go get coffee, like the cute doggie above.


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